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Last modified on Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Cape Town 4x4 Trailer Hire - fully equipped, affordable Echo campers for hire

How the camping trailer with Cape Town 4x4 Trailer Hire hire started:

It all started 2010 with our well travelled Echo trailer. We are very passionate about camping, exploring new countries and photography and we travelled a lot through Southern and Western Africa.
After 4 years on the road and more than 170.000 km done, we settled down in Cape Town in 2010. A friend asked us, why don't you rent your Echo  trailer out? It quickly turned out that we’ve stumbled into a huge market niche ....  Its a business that gives us an extraordinary pleasure where we can combine all our passion, skills and knowledge. Our Echo 1 models ...

What trailer model does Cape Town 4x4 Trailer Hire rent out?

We offer exclusively Echo Trailers with the trailertop tent on. We provide a good number of trusted and well cared Echo 1, Echo 3 and Echo 4 trailers for hire.
Our trailers are your complete holiday home on wheels, they are fully equipped with fridge, table and chairs, all kitchen utensils and much more to make sure, you don’t need to buy any camping stuff. Read more about our Echo 3 models and our Echo 4 models...

How does it work to set up the trailer?

The huge Echo trailer top tent accommodates easily a family of 4 or 5.
Trailer and tent build a closed, connected unit. We will show you everything and you will also get a detailed manual and all necessary information that is useful for easy set up. Also have a look at the set up gallery.
No matter, if you want to go into the deepest bush, if you stay 2 weeks at the West Coast or if you enjoy one of our Red Hot Weekend Specials, our mission is to bring you out there in the most convenient way.

Why renting a trailer?

Our reasonable rates stay the same all year round - no extra costs for school holiday periods. We care extremely about cleanliness, about safety and security. Each trailer is regularly serviced and intensively checked each time before it leaves our premises.
Our trailers are comprehensively insured by TuffStuff, the recognised market leader in 4x4 insurance. Insurance costs are always included in our rates. Read more about the why renting a trailer .....

Why Echo trailers?

We choose the Echo brand after our own, good experience. Until today,
Echo has build over 10.000 trailers and is the market leader, producing high quality, tough products. The trailers are constructed of the most modern, light-weight, yet rugged and durable materials. They offer reliability, easy towing and matchless wilderness camping comfort
Once you travelled with an Echo trailer, you’ll be hooked as we were it. It’s an experience, you won’t never forget. You’ll come back with happy faces and even more happy children. Children just love the trailers.

Why renting with Cape Town 4x4 Trailer Hire?

With your Echo camping trailer you will receive all you need for your specific trip. You don’t need to buy any camping stuff.  Planning an overland trip through Africa from a few weeks up to several months? We are happy to share our vast experience with you, which trailer to choose, what extra equipment to take with to ensure you will enjoy your trip from the first to the last minute. It's up to you whether you prefer to "rough it" or "camp in style", you’ll get the perfect vehicle!

Echo Trailer Hire FeedbackI’m not a camper at all - but we all loved it so much.
My kids played all day long... we had such a good time.
Thanks very much for making it a very pleasant weekend away !!
Emmeri and family

What else can one hire from Cape Town 4x4 Trailer Hire

Additional equipment: We have quite a lot of useful gear and tools available to complement the equipment of the trailers. Powerful but still handy 2 x 60 watt solar panels will help to cover extra electrical needs.
Extra ground tents offer more privacy for the larger families or if you travel with friends. Other available extras are front- and kitchen-awings with sides, Jerry cans for diesel or petrol, water cans, stretchers and extra mattresses and bedding for accompanying kids.

We enjoyed living in a tent or a trailertop tent more than 4 years while we travelled Africa, so we’ve got loads of infos and tips to share with you. Visit the tips and tricks site, get useful advice for your next holiday or for your trip of a lifetime. Read our trip reports at our Africa Travel Blog in English or on our German Travel Website.
Don’t wait, get in contact with us today to make sure you will enjoy the most remarkable and memorable trip of your lifetime.       


Our storage and workshop in Strand: Our Echo trailer fleet consists out of Echo 1Echo 3 and Echo 4 models. The tent size is the same at all trailers, but they differ with the size of the load box and with the more luxury things the Echo 3 and the Echo 4 models possess. Feel free to make an appointment to have a look at the trailers at our workshop in Strand before you book. If you plan a longer trip we are happy to offer a detailed consultation, also on Sunday or after hours.

Red Hot Weekend Special - Rent an Echo Trailer from R 1500 full weekendRead about why renting a fully equipped Echo trailer.
Read more tips and tricks, check out our season rates.
Get in contact with us or use the Quick Online Booking Form.


Contact us: call us under +27 (0) 72 497 17 58 or send an E-mail to Cape Town 4x4 Trailer Hire

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